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Dr. Paul Ciatto, -Soul Fighters Brewster- World Gym (Reviews from Facebook)

I just used Tate Design Group AGAIN! I can’t say enough about quality of work and timely fashion it’s done in. They are creative and always working to make the final product a masterpiece. Most importantly is the professionalism exhibited. It’s second to none! I highly recommend them for any and all of your needs! 


Rondel BakeSkills Thompson, -(Reviews from Facebook)

TATE Design Group redesigned my company's logo and I could not be happier with the result! My new logo is 10 times better than the old one. The design expert that worked with me was responsive, had a great attention to detail, and did a great job of listening to what I wanted. I recommend them without reservation!


Maury B.  -Manhattan, New York, NY (Reviews from Yelp!)

I had a great ple asure to work with the Tate Design Group for the development of my design brand. The Tate Design Group was extremely professional, knowledgeable in all my graphic needs and very diligent. I love their sense of style when it comes to their illustration skills as they gave me great options in all the areas I needed for my branding. The Tate Design Group delivered my graphics days before it was due and with the utmost beautiful aesthetic ever desired by my company. I would highly recommend this team to design and help conceptualize all your graphic and illustration branding needs. If I could give the Tate Design Group 10 stars, I would! You sure won't regret hiring them!

Takiyah M. -Seattle, Washinton (Reviews from Yelp!

Integrity matters, even when you are working with the most talented of artists and designers. If they lack this trait, why have them have an artistic voice to your brand? I've met many, but Tate Design Group supercedes them all! Professional, honest, gifted and all in all amazing company and I count it an honor to have access to this gift of a company on countless occassions! You will be grateful you placed our money here. Worth every dollar!

Jill C. -Valejo, CA. (Reviews from Yelp!)

You can't go wrong when you hire TATE DESIGN to get the job done!! They're extremely hard workers, professional, have great ideas, get things done in timely manner and a pleasure to work with. We wouldn't go anywhere else for our design needs.

Michael M. -New York, NY (Reviews from Yelp!)

Great experience working with these people on my website.  Always accommodating and always willing to go the extra mile.  I would highly recommend them for all of your web design and graphic design needs.  I am very pleased with the outcome.

Ziine M. -Locust Grove, VA (Reviews from Yelp!)

Tate Design Group is definitely as good as it gets!! Excellent craftsmanship and excellent and professional customer service! Product was exactly what I wanted plus more. The home I was selling was on the market for 4 months before the flyers went up with no interest. Sold the week after the flyers went up! I should have worked with Jamal Tate with Tate Design Group sooner!!! Lesson learned!  :-)  I refer this graphic design company to all of my colleagues for an edge up on our competition! Excellent!!! Keep up the great work!!

Phya F. -Woodbridge, VA (Reviews from Yelp!)

If you are looking for innovative designer with the ability to take your ideas and create a unique product you have come to the right place!  The Tate Design Group always provides outstanding customer service and can take your company to the next level and beyond. You can expect nothing less than the highest caliber of artistic creativity. You will not be disappointed!

Martin R. -Las Vegas, NV (Reviews from Yelp!)

 Tate Design Group has helped me greatly in coming up with unique designs for my superpeeler brand. Hence the term "You get what you pay for". The creative team at Tate Design Group go above and beyond on a daily basis. Highly recommend for any design needs.

Yvonne C. -Lithonia, GA (Reviews from Yelp!)

It is imperative that in the world we live, that are visions can be articulated verbally and come to life visually.  Thank you Tate Design Group for making it so special and memorable. Words can not express the joy and  the talent you shared in making our wishes come to life.

Jimmy E. -Las Vegas, NV (Reviews from Yelp!)

Jamal is one badass designer! He's fire!!! He was very quick and responsive with our car wrap designs. When it came to delivery of the final product he  worked with our wrap shop to ensure everything was sent over smoothly. I would highly recommend him if you want a killer design on time all time.

A Monique Inspires F. -Brooklyn, NY (Reviews from Yelp!)

PROFESSIONAL, CREATIVE, TALENTED AND PERSONABLE!  I had an awesome experience working with Tate Design Group.  I have recently established a non-for -profit organization in NY serving children and youth in foster. I needed a professional logo that positively represented our children with Integrity, Respect, Dignity and Compassion..... that is exactly what TATE DESIGN GROUP delivered!

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Tiffany P. (CEO "UP YOUR GAME FITNESS") -Henderson, NV (Reviews from Yelp!)

I worked with Jamal to create my personal training logo.  He worked with me up until the point to where he was boarding a plane for vacation.  He wanted to make sure that I was nothing but pleased with the product that I requested.  I highly recommend this company.  A true class act!!

Original review 2014

I reached out to TATE DESIGN GROUP back in 2011 to help me with a logo for my fitness business.  I gave Bam my vision and he put it to work.  He first provided me with a collection of different ideas.  We narrowed them down to my favorites.  I asked for a few tweaks, and he complied with my wishes.  I was under the gun to get this logo done by a certain time, and I'll never forget, Bam worked on my logo up until hours prior to him leaving for a vacation.  He emailed me my final product prior to him taking off.    I was very satisfied with the product and professional service that I was provided.  My husband has since used him for logos that he needed for his soccer team.  I would definitely recommend TATE DESIGN GROUP to anyone that I know that is looking for someone to do artwork for them.


Jamal "Bam" Tate...Fashion influences the masses in ways we cannot totally comprehend. From the haute couture styles of the runway to the trendy looks of street wear, fashion encompasses art, personal expression and individuality in a world of monotony. Bam is one of the most  influential Designers of all time. He would give you guidance and vision from start to finish. Can't say enough about TATE DESIGN GROUP. When you want something that will put your brand in its own lane, and take it to the next level of identity...he's the man to go to. I Love TATE DESIGN GROUP. I Love you Brother, for all your support and creativity. Thank you.

-Kelly Ford -Founder/CEO Cakemix Clothing, LLC


I’ve been a loyal customer of TATE DESIGN GROUP (Formerly DarkReign LLC) since 2003. Jamal has such an underlining creative talent. He takes my seasonal ideas for new marketing and gives me the “wow factor.” The colors, fonts, and graphics are always phenomenal. Furthermore, TATE DESIGN GROUP has proven dedication to keeping productivity time frame on schedule. He’s professional and I never had to track him down regarding update of my product. Never been disappointed! If you’re looking for a new vision regarding marketing your business Darkreign is the business you should seek. Grateful and satisfied.

-Theresa Darling, Owner, New Life Nail Spa

SEATTLE ICON@4x-100.png

Updated Review

Integrity matters, even when you are working with the most talented of artists and designers. If they lack this trait, why have them have an artistic voice to your brand? I've met many, but Tate Design Group supercede them all! Professional, honest, gifted and all in all amazing company and I count it an honor to have access to this gift of a company on countless occassions! You will be grateful you placed our money here. Worth every dollar!

Original review 2014

I first encountered the highly talented (Bam) Jamal Tate several years ago at a trade show. My first impression of him and TATE DESIGN GROUP was very positive. I was impressed by his work, friendliness and professionalism. These are important traits to hold in such a competitive industry. Bam is a pioneer. The vision and talent he carries are unsurpassable and he sets a very high standard and line of demarkation in the creative and design industry as a Master Designer. Not only have I learned a great deal from Bam, the personal drive and work ethic he sets have motivated me in my own pursuit of reaching for the top and accomplishing my own personal goals. The work Bam has done for me has always been completed with a quick turn around and precision in aligning with my vision. Bam eloquently translates in his designs what my mind cannot quite articulate into words. His work is also well received and I can always expect complements and exemplary feedback when I present the work he has created for my brands. I highly recommend this man to anyone who desires to move to new dimensions in their branding and creative images. With TATE DESIGN GROUP there is no compromise and no comparison to other firms, consistently setting the bar is the standard.

-Takiyah Miller, -Fashion Camp Seattle


I have had the pleasure of knowing Jamal Tate for over a decade.  I personally know him, as the best and most reliable designer in the fashion industry.  Jamal has always had a particular talent for exceptional graphic designs and creating professional detailed tech packs which are required for production in foreign factories.  I have watched Jamal grow his business through hard work and networking with the biggest names in the industry.  He has always maintained a high level of professionalism and integrity with any project he is involved with.  Most recently, Jamal was able to provide critical analysis and consultation on a outerwear project that required the incorporation of new LED technology “imbedded” into the garment.  Jamal was able to throughly understand the complexity of the project, and create full color dynamic technical package for the factory, which allowed the factory to make sample jackets; and get it 95% correct on the first try.  I would recommend the services of Mr. Tate to anyone that has a goal of creating a successful business.

-Richard Bailey, Director of Business Development-Backflare. INC


What prompted you to seek TATE DESIGN GROUP’s  services? It was a mutual occurrence. I approximately the proprietor 23 years ago while working in radio.  I discovered that he was a graphic artist and I a righter and we discovered a mutual interest in creating something new. Thus a friendship and professional relationship bloomed and has flourished. What made you believe that TATE DESIGN GROUP was the best for achieving    your desired result? A review of his  presented material as well is his associations at the time of my initial contact. All avenues appeared professional and his passion for getting it right was very clear. What were the results of working with TDG? A completion of my initial book PoeArtistry which is now distributed on many of the popular e-book formats the company that he runs runs with me. Was success achieved? Yes • Satisfied with Work ethics?  Very • Did we successfully deliver a product on time? Most defiantly. If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with TATE DESIGN GROUP or not, what would you say to them? Allow the proof and the clear demonstration of the artist Dexterity to complement a great choice to relate your business to this company.

-Rage Sinclaire,  Poeartistry

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